Saturday, September 4, 2021

                            The Killers • "Quiet Town" • 2021

                            Las Vegas-based band The Killers burst onto the music scene in 2004 and have since become one of the biggest bands in the world. Their new album "Pressure Machine" is No. 1 on Billboard's top rock and Americana charts, and it's their seventh straight album to hit No. 1 in the U.K. The Killers perform "Quiet Town" from "Pressure Machine."

                            Clap Your Hands Say Yeah • "Over and Over Again" • 2014

                            There are a lot of different ways to approach a career in music, but the general rule is to be appreciative of your audience. If you can organize and are motivated, you should approach them directly.

                            Thursday, September 2, 2021

                            Clem Snide • "Forever Just Beyond" • 2021

                            Stream 'Beyond Forever Just Beyond', the extended edition of the latest Clem Snide album produced by Scott Avett:

                            M Field • Ten is A Number • 2021

                            “The verse of Ten is a Number began as a voice note that was half-forgotten, returned to and developed as a pitch for a movie. It was not chosen, but I liked it and so I added a chorus to it. When I wrote the chorus I felt like it perfectly embodied the way life felt at the time, which is a rare thing I think. I had met some new people and felt a kind of sheltered youthful optimism I hadn’t felt for a while,” Field explains.

                            Saturday, August 28, 2021

                            WARBLY JETS • TMI • 2021

                            "The LA-based talents are looking towards the crossover between humanity and technology…with an exciting air of chaos from the get-go."
                            - Wonderland.

                            "A new dystopian-pop that somehow feels just right for the current moment."
                            - Flaunt

                            "WARBLY JETS have continued to bring something new to their sound while always keeping true to that special energy they radiate."
                            - The Luna Collective

                            "A dynamic, genreless mix of plunderphonics"
                            - xsnoize

                            "'NASA' is a bold reintroduction."
                            - Under The Radar

                            "Synth-fueled and more supersonic than the heavier guitar-driven WARBLY JETS...Visually, 'NASA' enters a psychedelic-funk and terrestrial realm"
                            - American Songwriter

                            Friday, August 27, 2021

                            Slow Rosary • Refinery • 2021

                            "Duplantier lets his arrangement breathe and sigh, drawing out a yearning honesty from the track... howling melodies and stripped-back arrangements bring to mind Bright Eyes or The Mountain Goats..." -Under The Radar

                            " inflection point for the record–it starts with a long, acoustic buildup, which is a change of pace from the first act, and its fiery bridge stands in contrast to the record’s quieter second half." -All Scene Eye

                            "Slow Rosary have more of a modern folk touched rocking sound to them.  Maybe just a hint of prime cut Bright Eyes." -Americana UK

                            Tony Glausi • I Could Fall in Love feat. Charlemagne the Goddess • 2021

                            EVERYTHING AT ONCE is a cinematic full-length production brimming with confidence, introducing Tony Glausi the polymath. “Coming out of high school and studying music in college, I was pretty fixated on jazz trumpet playing, and my earlier releases were heavily oriented around improvisation and swing,” Glausi explains. “But as I continue to write and explore new sounds, I feel like I get closer and closer to my true voice, one record at a time.” EVERYTHING AT ONCE is an album of places, faces, and interactions. Quite simply, Tony Glausi has created a mixtape to his life, thanks, in part, to his willingness to try anything. “The album is literally a two year snapshot of my life. Each story is like a scene from a film, or I guess 10 different films” Glausi concludes. 

                            Thursday, August 26, 2021

                            Ada Lea • partner • 2021

                            still reeling from last night's activities
                            too many friends, too much wine
                            and this cab is moving too slowly down parc avenue
                            it’s 3 pm, Paris time

                            still feeling some kind of magic
                            didn't sleep at all last night
                            stayed up and watched her move 
                            in her green dress and ivory shoes

                            now you see it coming now you see it now
                            you cannot even imagine what it feels like
                            better now than never to know the back of your head
                            was i only a friend
                            that’s who i am that’s who I am

                            every road we walk leads to a dead-end 
                            full of lovers just loving you until the end
                            full of lovers just loving you until you’re dead

                            The Slow Sound • Elora • 2021



                            The recording project of Ezekiel Rudick and Kendall Sallay-Milotz, The Slow Sound is self-described “Pacific Northwest Gloom Pop” outfit formed over a mutual appreciation of melancholic music. Through a blended approach of synths and organic drums, the pair conjure richly haunting soundscapes which beckon the listener inside. A sound which undoubtedly lives up to gloom label, yet does so with a lush sonic palette and narrative-driven lyricism.

                            Melanie MacLaren • Graveyard Shift • 2021

                            Born in New York and based in Nashville, Melanie MacLaren is a songwriter who sits at the intersection of a variety of styles and genres. Guided by classic folk sensibilities, she is a traditional singer-songwriter at heart, but elements of dream pop, 70s rock and contemporary indie all play into the style and elevate it into something fresh. The result is a sound indebted to the past and the present without being beholden to either, managing to possess the timeless country spirit without sacrificing any sense of immediacy.

                            Joshua Jones • Just Like You • 2021

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